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What is Wujifa?

The system of Wujifa is a practice aimed to develop full body usage, effectiveness, movement, and strength. As in many internal martial arts, qigongs, and yoga, the practice of Wujifa is about development and gaining greater understand and depth through doing, mental development, and training.

One of the basic practices in Wujifa is a form of Zhan Zhuang (stance practice or standing meditation) which one learns how the structures of the body connect in a relaxed yet very rooted or grounding way.

There are a number of other practices in this wonderful system. Each skill-set builds upon and continues to explore the principles of grounded connection.

Many people choose to practice some, or even all of the Wujifa skill-sets. They find these skill-sets as a wonderful means to helping them discover powerful ways to continue developing these useful fascial and neruo pathways and connections in the body and the mind.

“There is no end to feeling, understand, and being aware.” This wonderful saying is often quoted by practioners when they talk about the the depth and beauty they’ve discovered in the practice of the Wujifa system.

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